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The Wild Boar Wine Club (WBWC) is for wine lovers. Some wine lovers like to partake every week, others less so. But, if you’re a wine lover, WBWC is for you.


That’s why our Welcome Members will always be an important part of our Club.


As well as our Monthly e-Newsletter, 'The Whole Hog', Welcome Level members can also take advantage of all our wonderful wine offers and discounts.


So, regardless of what you spend, you will always be eligible for the same wine offers and discounts that all our members receive.


Fancy a £20 bottle of wine – free of charge?

All you have to do is introduce a new member to WBWC and as soon as they qualify for Silver Status we will send you a delicious bottle of £20 wine free of charge, delivered to your door.

What could be easier?


If that’s not enough, fancy a £40 bottle of wine – free of charge?

For some, a £20 bottle simply isn’t enough! So, for every new member that you introduce to WBWC who qualifies for Gold Status, we will send you a super delicious bottle of £40 wine free of charge, delivered to your door.


So, if you have friends or colleagues who might benefit from membership, put them in touch with our founder, David Alexander, and we will take care of the rest!



Since 2021 we have hosted Wine Tastings for all our Members.


Initially Virtual Tastings, these have now (thankfully) become In-Person Tastings and we will be confirming the date for our 2024 tasting very soon.


All Welcome Level Members will receive an invitation to attend the Annual Welcome Level Wine Tasting.


This tasting will feature many of the wonderful wines we already represent. These wonderful wines will also be accompanied by a great selection of cheese and charcuterie, provided by one of our prestigious partners, The Fine Cheese Company.


This will be a wonderful event, with many delightful and approachable wines available for your enjoyment.


Watch this space for the date announcement and ticket details.

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